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    Shanghai Wei Yi Digital Technology Co., Ltd. is a franchise inkjet printers, photo machines, heat register, engraving machine, three sides, a variety of widely Report supplies and other products as one of professional company. Own products ORASIGN (Oriflame game) series inkjet printers, heat register, sculpture Machine; FINA (Fina) export-oriented inkjet series; and for users of different types of domestic and international advertising related supplies. With Zi Zi tireless pursuit of the cause of the pioneering and enterprising spirit and a solid pace; through several years of hard progressive and caring service. Customer has over the And throughout the country, in the industry to establish a high profile and reputation. To make our services more comprehensive, more Professional cooperation with customers more widely. Has become a product development, production and sales joint-stock enterprises.

    Shanghai Wei Yi Digital Technology Co., Ltd. on the basis of steady progress in actively expanding vision, collective wisdom and knowledge at home and abroad Name of the digital companies to establish strategic cooperative relations. Through years of development, our brand, quality, service levels had To customers and partners at home and abroad widely recognized, the company constantly improve the quality of products at home and abroad, sales and service system At the same time, for the majority of customers with more quality products and services.

    Companies adhering to the professional shaping the charm, integrity and win the respect and innovation to create dynamic, robust build a harmonious business philosophy. All my colleagues in the company's joint efforts. As always, with new and old customers to share our successful experience, great The results look to establish business relationships with you.


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